"When one knows the how and the why of the mind, when one knows the different functionalisms of the mind, then one can control it. Thus, the mind becomes a useful and perfect instrument through which we can work for the benefit of humanity."

-Samael AunWeor

Welcome to the journey of self-discovery!

My name is Khadijat Omobolanle Quadri. I am licensed in the state of Texas as a professional counselor and have over 25 years of experience providing individual and families services, psychological assessments, mental health counseling and community program development.


My approach to psychotherapy is based in experiential, transpersonal and spiritual psychology. I have studied and understand the complexities of the ego mind and incorporate the best-proven healing approaches from western and eastern traditions. I received training in the ancient healing arts of the first doctors and psychologists that ever walked the earth----



My role in psychotherapy is simple. I work as a guide to help lead clients from 3rd dimensional consciousness to new levels of awareness. With the support of my guiding system and those of my clients', I act as a conduit to bring the information and energies that are needed at that point in time

for the client's highest good.


The source of all illness is hidden in the subconscious mind which stores all manner of distortions about the self. As a professional counselor, intuitive, and hypnotherapist, I have a variety of tools and resources at my disposal to move clients into self-realization.


The issues that drive manifestations of human behavior have remained out of the reach of scientists and theorists because such phenomena are beyond the physical senses. Only those who know how to utilize the other senses of the human being can perceive the realities beyond the five primary senses. Therefore, the modern scientists and doctors are working "blind," a fact that many of them readily admit. This is because they lack understanding regarding the most important aspect of psychology: Consciousness. Where does it come from? What is its function? How can one cultivate and develop it? Why does sickness come about to some and not others in its most illogical forms? Why do people experience bad luck? How can one be healed through it? These are some of the most important questions that come into the minds of people however fleeting. Many try to avoid it by burying their minds in egoism, fear, and preoccupations with drugs, sex, alcohol, unhealthy relationships, work and more.



I work with clients to uncover their truth. Ultimately, the consciousness which is at the level of perception was introduced into the split mind in its perceived separation from the higher mind. Consciousness is a domain of the ego and it attempts to define the self as one wishes to be and not what one is in truth.


A split mind is a confused mind and chaos ensues the life of such a mind. The process of psychotherapy involves moving the mind from wrong-mindedness
to right-mindedness then to the knowing mind which leads to truth and knowledge.


I work with the divine intelligence within the client. The Buddha nature, the Innermost, the Lord God of Truth Within. This is the factor upon which all of the unsolved equations of "modern" psychology rests.


Unlike our modern western practices, holistic psychotherapy can empower clients dramatically, divine their illnesses' ultimate causes while in an expanded state of awareness, neutralize them at their spiritual and energetic levels, and prevent their re-occurrence.






University of Lagos, Nigeria  - Bachelor of Science Finance


Saint Mary’s University, San Antonio Texas   -  Master of Art, Mental Health Counseling


Saint Mary’s University, San Antonio Texas – Master of Art, International Development and Conflict Resolution


Harvard Medical School Boston, Massachusetts – Mastery - Global Mental Health Trauma and Recovery


University of the Incarnate Word – PHD International Education - Incomplete

Licenses & Certifications:


I hold the following licenses and certifications:


Licensed Professional Counselor-  # 67102 - State of Texas

  • National Board Certified Counselor - # 240884

  • Certified Practitioner: Advanced Integrative Therapy – Southeast Institute Chapel Hill North Carolina

  • http://www.aitherapy.org/wp/find-an-ait-therapist/

  • National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - Certified by National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Inc. Certificate #3735

  • Certified Hypnotherapist - Certified by International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. Certificate #1115-02247. www.imdha.com

  • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor - Intern - Licensed by Texas State Department of State Health Services. License #31067.

  • Reiki Master Teacher - Certified by USUI SHIKI RYOHO - Certification in Reiki Method of Natural Healing

  • Professional Therapeutic Sound Healer – The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies


My Affiliations

  • American Counseling Association

  • Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

  • International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

  • Advanced Integrative Therapy

  • National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist




My Daily Practice

  • There is so much information about life on earth, our origins, mental and emotional make up, religious and spiritual philosopies and many are quite contradictory. I endeavour to keep an open mind when I traverse my studies with full guidiance from my intuition. By using discernment, I separate the wheat from the chaff!
  • I contemplate the Dharma daily and maintain a practice of 108 prostrations along with daily meditations. I often share the benefits of mind fitness in therapy. With time, the mind can maintain consistent peace irrespective of self imposed, or collective thought forms, human and/or entity psychic attacks.
  • As human spirits, we take on multiple incarnations for the purpose of gaining spiritual consiousness. A careful observation and examination of our relationships (whether it be with the self, other humans, relatives, inanimate objects of various forms, roles we play, identities or events) are necessary as they can severly hinder spiritual and mental development.
  • I maintain studies and contemplation in the message of the Holy Grail. Only through deep intuitive sensing can anything become conviction which alone brings value to the human spirit. 
  • Within my psychological/spiritual practice, I came to realize that the world is a form of intermediate reality (there are many intermediate realities). This reality we call earth/human experience has been referred to as the Bardos in Tibetan Buddhism, hell in christian scriptures and in Hindu religion, it is called samsara. A dedicated spiritual practice is neccessary to alleviate suffering. We must also practice non-attachment and prepare to let all things of this world go and that includes fear (Note my reference to practice. Everybody knows but very few actually practice). Upon death, we will be faced with many paths. Many have become lost from choosing the wrong path after death. While in a body, we must practice recognizing the pristine awareness so that you can remember to call for the light that liberates us from all dimensions of the intermediate state. 
  • I have had three death and resurrection experiences of which I returned to the void and she dysmantled my soul and reconstituted my energy back into my body. I believe that this is the only way one can become a true conduit for healing. 
  •  I chant daily and encourage my clients to do the same. Our personal power, chakras and photonic energy is developed via the voice. 
  •  I cannot over emphasize the importance of holding sacred space and the need for consistent purification of the body, mind, energy and emotion and cleansing of the space I hold for healing.
  •  If you do not know who you are, you will be at the whims of others and controlling forces. A true spiritual warrior understands the need to affirm who they are and maintain their boundaries. This is not a job for the faint hearted. If you do not know what you stand for, you will be used for anything.
  •  I maintain frequent studies of the Tibetan Book of the Dead.


Personal Studies, Theoretical Orientations, References and Approaches:

  • In The Light Of Truth - Grail Message (Volume 1-3)

  • Dharma Teachings, The Heart of Compassion and Dzogchen Meditation Training: Lama Surya Das

  • A Garland of VIEWS - Padmasambhava's Classic Text

  • Enlightened Vagabond, The Life and Teachings of Patrul Rinpoche

  • The Life of Milarepa

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  • A Course of Love: (Scribe Mari Perron)

  • The Tibetan Book of the Dead: By Padma Sambhava, The Dalai Lama (Foreword)

  • The Tibetan Book of Living and dying: By Sogyal Rinpoche

  •  Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA by Richard Rudd

  • Fulan Dafa by Li Hongzhi

  • The Way of Zen: By Alan Watts

  • Lifeforce, the Scientific Basis by Claude Swanson PhD
  • The Synchronized Universe-New Science of the Paranormal by Claude Swanson PHD
  • Personality Assessment Inventory (PAR)
  • DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria American Psychiatric Association
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  • Jungian Dream Interpretation by James Hall M.D
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  • Meditation in Action: By Samuel Bercholz

  • And More...........

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