Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD

Once considered a heritable brain disorder, one in nine children in the
United States have been diagnosis with ADHD. A growing number of parents
and researchers alike have questioned whether the growing trend of ADHD has
to do with hasty medical evaluations, increasing advertisements for ADHD
drugs, and increased pressure on teachers to ensure students pass
standardized tests.


Now researchers are drawing attention to a possibility that Inattentive,
hyperactive, and impulsive behavior maybe more closely the result of trauma
childhood experience, stress, maltreatment, abuse, divorce, family
substance abuse, alcoholism and domestic violence.


It’s not clear how many children are misdiagnosed with ADHD annually, but a
study published in 2010 estimated the number could be nearly 1 million. One
thing is for sure - If your psychiatrist diagnoses your child with ADHD,
ask more questions. Ask how he was able to come up with this diagnosis in
your short 15-30 minute visit.

If you suspect ADHD or a psychological condition, we recommend that you
schedule an appointment with a mental health professional for a
comprehensive evaluation. You may have had this social history that you
took in the beginning, but unless you open up and share more about what’s
going on in the home, the psychiatrist often won’t have the opportunity or
think to connect the two.

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