Astro psychology is unique comprehensive approach to healing the psyche. It blends all aspects of psychology with the concepts of astrology. Both principles merged together can offer unique solutions to problems in various spheres of human life. By analyzing clients’ diagnosis, one can begin to uncover patterns in relationships, attitudes, challenges, strengths, life lessons, karmic patterns and provide choices to clients so that they can understand their unconscious processes. For me, I see astro psychology as a treasure map, providing information about our hidden drives, motivations and soul destinies. The map is a powerful way to bring the unconscious into the conscious mind and thereby provide remedies and solutions. 




Astrology Misunderstood


When most people think of astrology, newspaper clippings that provide predictions for each sign comes to mind. Many ask how it is possible for all Leos or Virgos to have the same predictions all over the world. Astrology is far more complex than what you see in the newspaper clippings. It offers complex insights that only relate to each individual by date of birth, place and time of birth, which is unique to each person. Our unique self is then  affected by our environment, family, culture and earths own astrology. There is a funnel of information that trickles down from the macrocosm to the microcosm. If you can understand that everything affects everything, then you can develop the intelligence, patience and awareness of how you are affecting the world around you.  You will become more thoughtful about your responses to life’s lessons and direct your energy in the path with least resistance.



How Astro psychology works  


The life-cycle of astro psychology starts with initial mental health intake. The intake provides in-depth information about life challenges, areas of priority, identity and potential problems. In the same session, the birth details of the person are taken. If you are looking to explore astro-psychology, it is important that you have your date, time and place of birth is handy.

The next phase involves the analysis of the horoscope prepared by the supplied birth details and diagnosis of the cause of the potential problem in the birth chart. The birth chart supplies the valuable information to the astro psychology professional as it informs the nature of the client, the malefic planet or planets involved in the present problem and the extent to which the client is impacted.

Thirdly, the next phase is an educational process of informing the client. We explore life issues and the ways they have responded to their presenting problems. Additional psychotherapeutic processing is provided. At this stage, I am able to verify the exact cause/causes of problems and we can then develop solutions.


Mapping a client’s psychological astrology is very powerful and healing. Now, the client comes closer to understanding who they are, how to use their skills and gifts, the lessons needed to be learned in the school of life, their innate talents and can prepare for the next life test by exploring their transits.

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