Kuadra is Heading to Bhutan and Tibet!

5th Bi-Annual Counseling Conference in Bhutan

I am super excited to share that I will be heading to Bhutan in October to present a one day workshop on creativity in counseling and the transpersonal model . I also plan to fulfil my dream of visiting Tibet!

The Science Behind Kuadra's Transpersonal Model

At Kuadra, our approach to counseling and psychotherapy is unique in the sense that it focuses on the transpersonal self and the realization of one's highest truths.

What is Transpersonal Psychotherapy?
Transpersonal psychology, also known as transpersonal counselling, was developed by American psychologist, Abraham Maslow in the 1960s. The term 'transpersonal' means 'beyond the personal', and this reflects the core aim of the therapy - to explore human growth and help people to discover a deep and more enduring essential self that exists beyond the conditioned ego.
The methodology behind this therapeutic process is a combination of spiritual traditions from around the world, which are integrated with elements of contemporary psychology. This framework can help a wide range of individuals - including groups of people such as families and work colleagues.
Those who undergo transpersonal psychology are expected to gain a complete understanding of themselves, their capacities, and their relationships, and will leave equipped with the skills to help them deal with these beyond therapy.
Transpersonal psychology is a humanistic approach to therapy which values wholeness. The essential self is a combination of the transpersonal, self-transcendent and spiritual aspects of human experience. All of life's experiences are considered valuable and growth enhancing, and every individual is treated according to their innate striving toward a higher reality. Ultimately, in transpersonal psychology healing and growth is approached through recognition of the centrality of self.
Transpersonal psychology does not view human personality as limited, instead, it sees certain character traits and attributes as a mask of our true essence. At Kuadra, we believe that human growth begins with people who are hindered from reaching their potential, for instance, those suffering from a psychological disorder.
Our beings are merely the shell that transports our souls through life and, therefore, who we are consciously is only a window to our transpersonal selves. This is why transpersonal psychology addresses, equally, all aspects of our being (spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional, physical and creative) to help us heal and grow. By enhancing all our inner capacities we can become powerful vessels for long-term change.
Learn more about what people are saying about the transpersonal model at Kuadra. Click the reviews below.

Racism- At the Root of Mental Illness In America

The Elephant in the Room

In the wake of mass shootings, incredible acts of violence and hate,
communities are dumbfounded, shocked and scrambling to make sense of what
is really happening to the mental state of its natives. For this reason, I
am dedicating this newsletter to provide my honest to God truth and
professional take on why we will continue to experience mass violence in
our communities. In order to heal as a community we must address the
elephant in the room- Racism.


The Outsider's Perspective

To give my message some context, I must reiterate the fact that I consider
myself an outsider when it comes to the American culture. Despite living in
the country for over 25 years, it still feels as though I arrived
yesterday. My country of birth was in a remote village called ijebu-ode.
Legend has it that my ancestors were the Jebusites in the old testament.
They are the direct descendants of Noah in the bible. His real name was
Onuwa meaning the obedient one and the ijebu divination practices began
when Onuwa aka Noah received messages from the walls of the 5th dimension
about the gods plans to cause the great flood. Growing up, the Ijebus were
known for their powerful spiritual traditions. To this day, they still
follow the burial rites of ancient Egypt and celebrate the fact that no
jebusite was ever taken into slavery. They won the war via the use of Ogun-
babalawos(the equivalent of shamanic practices). I grew up hearing the
tales of my fore fathers and listening to the elders sing my praise. They
believed that I was Iya Odessa incarnated. Iya odessa is the mother of all


You can imagine my shock when I came to the united states and was labeled
black. I quickly fell off my pedestal and faced the harsh reality. I also
clairvoyantly saw the power of the egregore of racism. It permeated the
subconscious mind of the natives so much so that they could not recognize
that they were possessed. This egregore is so powerful as millions of
people had sold their energy to it. I made the wise decision to act like a
buffalo. The buffalo knows the lion lurks, so it stays far away. It will
not have a conversation with it or attempt to negotiate with it. He simply
stays clear.



Racism at the Root Cause of Mental Illness

America was built on the back of racism and slavery. It prides itself as a
superior nation and superiority breeds perfectionism. Perfectionism breeds
addiction. It’s no coincidence that a wealthy and privileged society is so
prone to rampant addictions. The society is based on pleasure, and when
pleasure becomes obsessive, the result is addiction. If a source of
pleasure is truly fulfilling, there is a natural cycle that begins with
desire and ends in satiation. Addiction never closes the circle. America is
also power-based, and power is notoriously selfish. It seeks to glorify
itself at all cost and to do this, others must be oppressed.


Working in Psychotherapy, I meet people every day who complain about the
emotional turmoil in their lives and yet are blindly addicted to drama.
They cannot survive outside the dance of love-hate; they create tension,
foster mistrust, and never leave well enough alone. Other addictions are
also based on behavior: the need to have something wrong in their life (or
to create it if it doesn’t exist), the obsession over things going
wrong—this is the “what if” addiction—and finally the compulsion to be
perfect at all costs. This last addiction has taken secular form in people
who crave the perfect family, perfect home, and perfect career. They do not
even see the irony that such “perfection” is dead; it can be bought only at
the price of killing our inborn spontaneity, which by its nature can never
be controlled. There is a corresponding spiritual state, however, that aims
to please God through a life that has no blemish whatsoever. Perfection is
truly a mental disease and its accomplice is white privilege. To have white
privilege means society views you as superior and therein lies the pressure
to be perfect physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.


Spirituality Based on Racism

With so many people seeking truth and meaning, they risk running into
commercialized spirituality. Even the metaphysical and yoga communities are
being controlled by the white privileged few. The new age movement discards
the ancestral line and promotes separatist views in subtle and covert ways.
This same separatists can be seen advertising shamanism and yoga. Until at
least 20 percent of white Americans come together to weaken the demonic
egregore, the society will continue to suffer. No amount of money, laws,
committees or institutions will solve this problem. The karmic energy of
linching and hate will continue to cycle back into our lives until we make
a conscious decision to end it.


It is time to face the white elephant and bring true healing to our
communities, our sacred land and our ancestors.

I will be presenting at the upcoming Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology Conference (ACEP). Hope to see you there!


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