Bodhisattva Prayer For Humanity

May I be a guard for those who need protection,
A guide for those on the path,
A boat, a raft, a bridge for those who wish to cross the flood.
May I be a lamp in the darkness,
A resting place for the weary,
A healing medicine for all who are sick
A vase of plenty, a tree of miracles.
And for the boundless multitudes of living beings
May I bring sustenance and awakening,
Enduring like the earth and sky
Until all beings are freed from sorrow
And all are awakened.

“Psychotherapy is the only form of therapy there is.

Since only the mind can be sick, only the mind can be healed.

Only the mind is in need of healing.
This does not appear to be the case, for the manifestations of this world seem real indeed.
Psychotherapy is necessary so that an individual can begin to question their reality.

Sometimes he is able to start to open his mind without formal help, but even then it is always some change in his perception of interpersonal relationships that enables him to do so.

Sometimes he needs a more structured, extended relationship with an “official” therapist.

Either way, the task is the same; the patient must be helped to change his mind about the “reality” of illusions.”


A Deep Dive into the World of Dreams

 Fascinations with the Dream World

Since my early age of five, I have been fascinated with my dreams and with my Piscean energy, you can best believe that my dream world is just as real as my waking world. Back then, I though I simply had a very active imagination. Living in primitive Nigeria, there was no television, games or toys. My imagination was my only form of entertainment. Well I take it back! watching tadpoles was also fun :)


I would dream about places, people and events that I had never seen or experienced and things would play out exactly as the dream the next day. I would have dreams that I later realized were past life dreams and I saw my present life play out. I saw myself in my 30s, 40 and all the way to much older. I even dreamed of my eventual passing from this world. I saw my ups and downs and even catastrophic events. I recall praying to not allow these catastrophes but unfortunately they still played out. Soon, it dawned on me that it didn't matter what I did, mistakes or not, my life was destined to play out and nothing can circumvent karmic destiny.


Recalling Past Lives


Some significant dreams I had as a child included dreaming that I was a man in a lions den, a man in white robe sentenced to death for being a gnostic Christian, a Buddhist monk in Tibet. I recall having these dreams before I knew what they were. My jaw dropped in shock when my missionary teacher in first grade told the story of the book of Daniel years after I had dreamt of him. I became obsessed with Daniel, studying this section of the bible, crying and recalling my life back during those times. Of course, I would not dare share this with anyone but today, I celebrate freedom of speech! From this early age, I enjoyed helping my friends interpret their dreams. I saw that I would later use this skill later in life but I just couldn't imagine that this was possible.


Working as a psychotherapist allows me to explore the dream world with my clients! It is truly a dream come true!!! Dream is the Window Dreams are among the most vivid and unique conscious experiences. Their narrative power is well documented throughout history, from spiritually uplifting stories such as the dream of Jacob, to revelations about the inner self that range from personal insight to Jungian dream interpretations. Despite their cultural and personal importance, dreams remain as enigmatic as ever.

Our dreams are a window into the subconscious mind.


They cannot be ignored or taken trivially. Dreams reflect our state of consciousness.


Where is your Mind?


The quality of our dreaming life is a reflection of our state of consciousness. Over the years, I have learned to pay close attention to my dreams. They have provided valuable insights and I have received answers, warnings and premonitions in my dreams. My dream is my wisdom teacher. It also indicates what is happening in my subconscious- my hidden fears and how I can clear this area of my mind in order to access the super conscious mind. From there I can access the universal mind and even travel to universes beyond this waking universe.


My dreams have allowed me the understanding that this physical world is a very tiny aspect of much larger dimensions. We simply hold a body in this world for communication purposes and nothing more. Just as dreams provide insight into our hidden fears and subconscious neurosis, it can also be an avenue to contact our higher self aspects. Once we let go of fears, we can contact our (the average human may have anywhere from 200-800 dream compartments) dream compartments and even travel to assist other aspects of the self in those dream worlds.


We are ever dreaming, until we awaken to our true nature! Never fear, dreams cannot hurt which means that this world cannot hurt either.


We can have a happy dream!


Feel free to contact me if you are interested in digging deeper into your dream world!


Bring Back the Ancient

The Essence, Purity and Forthright

The Big Bang of 20-20.


The year 2020 has begun with a big bang! A clear message is coming from the Cosmos and it is not letting up. What is this message? Well, its a message we have been receiving for many centuries but we have failed to take heed. Grow up! Take responsibility for your acts! Starting January 10th 2020, there was a powerful lunar eclipse that ushered in a wave of universal energies. It is asking us to change our selfish mindset. The energy spoke the divine message of the universe and it is easily felt if your subconscious thinking is in alignment with the way the universe thinks. You will ride the waves of this energy and it will grow your subtle energy body. 



Group Meditation At Kuadra, we began the year with a full day meditation and contemplative practice and we all agreed that these practices are beneficial for mental emotional discipline throughout the month and hopefully the rest of the year. We will keep this momentum going and will be having another practice this Saturday February 1st 2020 from 4pm to 6pm. 4100 East Piedras Drive Suite 2626 San Antonio TX 78228 Sunday February 2nd 2020 from 10am at the San Antonio Botanical Garden 555 Funston PL San Antonio TX 78209 The Goal of Kuadra Our goal at Kuadra is huge and very novel. We are determined to bring back the ancient, pure and forthright. We will adhere to speak from truth and contact our essential purity in spite of all of the abusive and controlling forces at play in this western society and the world at large. Mantra for February We will practice and contemplate the core essence of Vairocana Mantra. The primordial Buddha Vairocana, also known as the Great Sun Tathagata. It is sometimes called the primordial Buddha or supreme Buddha.



He represents the wisdom of shunyata, "emptiness." He is considered a personification of the dharmakaya -- everything, unmanifested, free of characteristics and distinctions. When the Dhyani Buddhas are pictured together in a mandala, Vairocana is at the center. Vairocana is white, representing all colors, and his symbol is the Dharma wheel. His hand mudra represents the turning of the wheel. He is associated with the first skandha, form. Meditation on Vairocana vanquishes ignorance. This particular mantra, the Vairocana mantra, is especially powerful in bringing about a purification transformation of the physical body's four great elements, and transforming the four elements lays a strong foundation for cultivation success. Without this you cannot succeed. Even after breaking through the skandhas -- and in fact the whole process of breaking throught eh skandhas -- involves a continual transformation of the chi channels in cleansing them of filth and impurities. Chi is linked to consciousness, so you have to push out this garbage in order to be able to generate clear states of mind. Vairocana Chant Maha Vairocana Mantra lyrics: Om Namo Bhagavate Sarvate Gate, Varsuddhani Rajaya, Ta Tha Ga Ta Ya Arahate Sam Yak Sam Buddhaya, Ta Dya Tha Om Sodhani Sodhani Sarva Papam, Vishodani Suddhe Visuddhe, Sarwa Karma Avarana Visudhani Ya Soha. Vairocana Mantra meaning: May all sentient beings have happiness and its causes, May all sentient beings be free of suffering and its causes, May all sentient beings never be separated from bliss without suffering, May all sentient beings be in equanimity, free of bias, attachment and anger.


Wishing you a peaceful and fruitful February 2020


Authenticity, Spirituality and Language

Why English is a Barrier to Spirituality

The Language of Spirit.


I come from a kingdom of villages called Ijebu. It is a remote part of Nigeria West Africa. Our ancestors were truly ancient people. They passed down the stories of their migration patterns that began during the biblical Jebusites and Noah


(his real name was Omoluwabi — omo ti Noah bi — We are the children of Noah).


Noah's great grandfather Enoch was the first to encounter the white aliens who had repatriated themselves to planet earth after they had blown up their home planet Mars. They were technologically advanced and possessed nuclear weapons. They settled in a place on this planet that they called Heaven in Aramean and began a conquest which continues today. Their aim is to systematically alienate the original humans. The white aliens are the symbol of evil itself and anything that comes out of their mouth is a lie. From their English language to their systems of beliefs and religion. They have distorted the truth and mislead millions of people.



Ancient Language and Modern English  


I was born during a time when colonialism had gained foothold. Children were now being forced to learn the white alien's language and adopt their ways. Prior to attending first grade, I spoke my native dialect of Ijebu, Yoruba and Egba. These languages are primarily vowel sounding with powerful intonations. English on the other hand is a “low” language when it comes to power in spirituality. By “low” I mean the vibration the language carries. For example, try saying or thinking of the word “Help!” What did you feel? When you say the word, does it vibrate through you? Now try saying the same word in Yoruba, “E ba mi o!” There’s a difference in both. The “gba” (pronounced ba with the ‘g’ in the throat) in Eba carries a vibration, whereas help falls flat. However, remember that while the word falls flat it can still have an effect within the realm. The only way this is possible, however, is if the word comes from passion or a deeper baritone voice. The point is to project a greater vibration, so when uttering a word the body should feel vibration and all the chakras should awaken. Many ancient languages avoid labeling. It's focus is on description and not a name. For example. There is no name for tree in Ijebu but rather the description of a tree. So the translation of tree is Idi Iroko meaning the root of spirit. People's names are descriptions of their divinations.


My traditional name describes Omobolanle meaning the one who brings love home. A mountain is described as Aja okuta meaning the strength of power. A white man is described as Oyinbo meaning the one who got stung by a thousand bees (there is a story behind this which I will not get into in this blog). Within the beautiful Hindu and Buddhist religions, the Universal word for peace is OM, so people who practice this kind of religion are told that they ought to meditate while chanting this word. When chanted, the inner ears begins to vibrate, this activates your pineal gland, located in the deep center of the brain, the third eye. Doing this consistently opens up your chakras thus allowing the person to awaken to higher consciousness, and this is what language is supposed to do for humans. Now, saying ‘OM’ consistently would be unnecessary if the language one spoke in their everyday lives carried the same vibration as OM. But if the language is flat, the spiritual consciousness will be lower.



In christian school, I was tasked with making labels and found a fundamental difference between my native tongue and English. I noticed that English emphasizes the "I" not doing. So, a sentence begins with "I" and doing or others implicated in the doing is secondary. Additionally, the English labels had no meaning. I was confused as to how the western education system teaches linear and separate concepts. Math is taught separate and apart from science. We were then given abstract concepts and fake problems to solve. The one I found most laughable is the scientific experiments that sees to the extent an ant sees a human being. In most ancient traditions learning occurs via real life phenomenon, For instance, you look at the moon and you learn the math, wisdom and history of the moon. So learning was cyclical and everything was connected.



The Power of Sound


There is a connection between when English language began to spread and the birth of ego. I am not knowledgeable about other ancient languages but I can speak intimately about my personal experience. As one who was adapt in ancient language and because I was keenly interested in finding commonality. The moment I would say the word "I" things would appear separate from me and I would feel lonely. You may not notice this feeling if you were born into this language or culture or that English does not allow for continuation of vowels and you may not notice how flat it is. I have to admit that when I pray in English, the process of connecting and manifesting takes a while longer than if I spoke in a language that has a tone either nasal, guttural or vibrating through my inner ear, throat, or stomach. What many people do not know is that it is the sound that is used while expressing that has the power. In all of Africa, the languages are tonal. No wonder their spirituality and knowledge of everything is more advanced than the rest of the world. Every time they speak, they send out a vibration. This vibration is like a telecommunication to things unseen, thus communication with the outer world is easier and response is quicker and clearer. And if you think about it, animals, children and even people alike respond to the “tone” of your voice rather than what you’ve actually said. That under current, that vibration which conveys what you mean without even saying the direct words.


Sounds of the Ancient


There is a profound sense of disenchantment in Western society. I think this is because, quite literally, we do not use our voice unless it has a judgement or some type of meaning. Ancient cultures chant mantras to dissolve boundaries and when this happens something new can take place in the psyche and body of a person. Some of us are fortunate to be born in places where the vibration of the language we speak resonates high throughout the realms. This makes us more spiritual and have more access to things unknown, unbeknownst to us. This however can be a good thing or a bad thing. But I want you to note my emphasis on sound rather than actual words. Chanting seems directly to stimulate the emission of certain chemicals in the brain, such as endorphins, which give rise to states of enhanced awareness, blissful calm, and other deep meditative states. Authenticity is born when we use our voice to draw energy deep within us without directing it towards maintaining the current paradigms of control and alienation.



Reserve the right to speak from truth and the truth shall set us free. 

Pure Harmony Harmonizing Pendant

Enter the New Paradigm of Optimum Health & Wellness

*The Pure Harmony Pendant* works miracles by using the science of quantum
physics through the power of harmonic resonance to help release past trauma
and stressors from the Mind and Body, thereby amplifying and restoring the
body's natural core vibrational blueprint back into harmony, back into

Get your Mind and Body in Balance

*Being exposed to numerous* types of stressors and trauma throughout a
lifetime not only negatively impacts your natural core vibrational
blueprint, but also your overall health and performance. This negative
impact can also lead to a cascade of imbalances and disharmony through out
your biophoton field, disrupting your biochemistry, causing increased
inflammation, oxidative stress, poor performance, and potentially chronic


*By energetically releasing* past trauma and stressors through harmonic
resonance and the harmonizing process, we are addressing the root cause of
the illness, instead of just treating the symptoms. Once the past trauma
and stressors are energetically released, the body's natural core
vibrational blueprint, biophoton field regulation, and biochemistry can
reset back into to harmony and back into balance, paving the way to optimum
health. Through the harmonizing process, we are restoring and empowering
the body's own natural innate ability to heal itself.



*Your physical health is not only dependent *on the biochemistry that takes
place inside of your body, but is also dependent on other non-physical
levels of energy, such as the energy of light surrounding your body, called
the biophoton field. Your biophoton field can be regarded as a highly
sophisticated super computer that at the speed of light processes and
stores data, and retrieves information that is then used to regulate your
biological processes. You could call it your light metabolism.


*Every cell in your body contains DNA* that vibrates at a frequency of
several billion hertz. This vibration is created by the contraction and
extension of your coil-like DNA which occurs several billion times per
second, and with every contraction, one single biophoton (light particle)
is pumped out and emitted through the Chromatin in the DNA. One single
biophoton is believed to contain more information in it than all the
libraries in the world combined. These biophotons emitted by the Chromatin
regulate over 100,000 biochemical reactions in the cell every second which
in turn lay the solid foundation for a healthy biophoton field (light
metabolism) that regulates all the biological processes through out the




*A person throughout a lifetime* is exposed to a variety of harmful
environmental stressors and forms of trauma which I have listed in the 6
categories to the right.  Any of the stressors and past trauma found in
these 6 categories can not only negatively impact the body on a cellular
level causing oxidative stress and inflammation, but they can also
negatively impact the body on a energetic and biochemical level leading to
poor health and performance.


The negative impact  from stressors and past trauma disrupts the regulation
of the body's biophoton field which controls and dictates the body's
biochemistry.  If the body's biophoton field is not regulating properly
then the body's biochemistry and biology which the biophoton field
controls, will not be regulating properly either. This dis-regulation of
both the body's biophoton field and biochemistry will cause a cascade of
imbalances through out the body, leading to poor performance and poor


*Also through the impact *of these stressors and past trauma, the polarity
of any one of the 13-axis found in the 13 individual Biophoton fields that
make up the body's entire biophoton field, may also be negatively impacted.
This can cause the body to start accepting what should be bad, and
rejecting what should be good. This condition can lead to severe fatigue
and illness.


*The first steps in your journey to optimum health and performance are….*


   - *Releasing Stressors and Past Prauma *
   - *Reset  Natural Core Vibrational Blueprint*
   - *Restoring Coherent Light Emissions from the Cells*
   - *Restoring Proper Cell to Cell Communication*
   - *Restoring Proper Biophoton Field Regulation*
   - *Correcting Polarity Issues*
   - *Improving Heart Rate Variability HRV*


*If any of the stressors/past trauma *found in any of the 6 categories
listed are not detected and addressed, this will negatively impact the
regulation of the body’s biophoton field and subsequently the body's
biochemistry on every level.



Kuadra is Heading to Bhutan and Tibet!

5th Bi-Annual Counseling Conference in Bhutan

I am super excited to share that I will be heading to Bhutan in October to present a one day workshop on creativity in counseling and the transpersonal model . I also plan to fulfil my dream of visiting Tibet!

The Science Behind Kuadra's Transpersonal Model

At Kuadra, our approach to counseling and psychotherapy is unique in the sense that it focuses on the transpersonal self and the realization of one's highest truths.

What is Transpersonal Psychotherapy?
Transpersonal psychology, also known as transpersonal counselling, was developed by American psychologist, Abraham Maslow in the 1960s. The term 'transpersonal' means 'beyond the personal', and this reflects the core aim of the therapy - to explore human growth and help people to discover a deep and more enduring essential self that exists beyond the conditioned ego.
The methodology behind this therapeutic process is a combination of spiritual traditions from around the world, which are integrated with elements of contemporary psychology. This framework can help a wide range of individuals - including groups of people such as families and work colleagues.
Those who undergo transpersonal psychology are expected to gain a complete understanding of themselves, their capacities, and their relationships, and will leave equipped with the skills to help them deal with these beyond therapy.
Transpersonal psychology is a humanistic approach to therapy which values wholeness. The essential self is a combination of the transpersonal, self-transcendent and spiritual aspects of human experience. All of life's experiences are considered valuable and growth enhancing, and every individual is treated according to their innate striving toward a higher reality. Ultimately, in transpersonal psychology healing and growth is approached through recognition of the centrality of self.
Transpersonal psychology does not view human personality as limited, instead, it sees certain character traits and attributes as a mask of our true essence. At Kuadra, we believe that human growth begins with people who are hindered from reaching their potential, for instance, those suffering from a psychological disorder.
Our beings are merely the shell that transports our souls through life and, therefore, who we are consciously is only a window to our transpersonal selves. This is why transpersonal psychology addresses, equally, all aspects of our being (spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional, physical and creative) to help us heal and grow. By enhancing all our inner capacities we can become powerful vessels for long-term change.
Learn more about what people are saying about the transpersonal model at Kuadra. Click the reviews below.

Racism- At the Root of Mental Illness In America

The Elephant in the Room

In the wake of mass shootings, incredible acts of violence and hate,
communities are dumbfounded, shocked and scrambling to make sense of what
is really happening to the mental state of its natives. For this reason, I
am dedicating this newsletter to provide my honest to God truth and
professional take on why we will continue to experience mass violence in
our communities. In order to heal as a community we must address the
elephant in the room- Racism.


The Outsider's Perspective

To give my message some context, I must reiterate the fact that I consider
myself an outsider when it comes to the American culture. Despite living in
the country for over 25 years, it still feels as though I arrived
yesterday. My country of birth was in a remote village called ijebu-ode.
Legend has it that my ancestors were the Jebusites in the old testament.
They are the direct descendants of Noah in the bible. His real name was
Onuwa meaning the obedient one and the ijebu divination practices began
when Onuwa aka Noah received messages from the walls of the 5th dimension
about the gods plans to cause the great flood. Growing up, the Ijebus were
known for their powerful spiritual traditions. To this day, they still
follow the burial rites of ancient Egypt and celebrate the fact that no
jebusite was ever taken into slavery. They won the war via the use of Ogun-
babalawos(the equivalent of shamanic practices). I grew up hearing the
tales of my fore fathers and listening to the elders sing my praise. They
believed that I was Iya Odessa incarnated. Iya odessa is the mother of all


You can imagine my shock when I came to the united states and was labeled
black. I quickly fell off my pedestal and faced the harsh reality. I also
clairvoyantly saw the power of the egregore of racism. It permeated the
subconscious mind of the natives so much so that they could not recognize
that they were possessed. This egregore is so powerful as millions of
people had sold their energy to it. I made the wise decision to act like a
buffalo. The buffalo knows the lion lurks, so it stays far away. It will
not have a conversation with it or attempt to negotiate with it. He simply
stays clear.



Racism at the Root Cause of Mental Illness

America was built on the back of racism and slavery. It prides itself as a
superior nation and superiority breeds perfectionism. Perfectionism breeds
addiction. It’s no coincidence that a wealthy and privileged society is so
prone to rampant addictions. The society is based on pleasure, and when
pleasure becomes obsessive, the result is addiction. If a source of
pleasure is truly fulfilling, there is a natural cycle that begins with
desire and ends in satiation. Addiction never closes the circle. America is
also power-based, and power is notoriously selfish. It seeks to glorify
itself at all cost and to do this, others must be oppressed.


Working in Psychotherapy, I meet people every day who complain about the
emotional turmoil in their lives and yet are blindly addicted to drama.
They cannot survive outside the dance of love-hate; they create tension,
foster mistrust, and never leave well enough alone. Other addictions are
also based on behavior: the need to have something wrong in their life (or
to create it if it doesn’t exist), the obsession over things going
wrong—this is the “what if” addiction—and finally the compulsion to be
perfect at all costs. This last addiction has taken secular form in people
who crave the perfect family, perfect home, and perfect career. They do not
even see the irony that such “perfection” is dead; it can be bought only at
the price of killing our inborn spontaneity, which by its nature can never
be controlled. There is a corresponding spiritual state, however, that aims
to please God through a life that has no blemish whatsoever. Perfection is
truly a mental disease and its accomplice is white privilege. To have white
privilege means society views you as superior and therein lies the pressure
to be perfect physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.


Spirituality Based on Racism

With so many people seeking truth and meaning, they risk running into
commercialized spirituality. Even the metaphysical and yoga communities are
being controlled by the white privileged few. The new age movement discards
the ancestral line and promotes separatist views in subtle and covert ways.
This same separatists can be seen advertising shamanism and yoga. Until at
least 20 percent of white Americans come together to weaken the demonic
egregore, the society will continue to suffer. No amount of money, laws,
committees or institutions will solve this problem. The karmic energy of
linching and hate will continue to cycle back into our lives until we make
a conscious decision to end it.


It is time to face the white elephant and bring true healing to our
communities, our sacred land and our ancestors.

I will be presenting at the upcoming Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology Conference (ACEP). Hope to see you there!


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