Upcoming Workshops: The Science and Spirit of Sound Healing


August 11, 2018

The Science and Spirit of Sound Healing

Presented byKhadijat Samadhi Quadri, LPC, NCC



The Science and Spirit of Sound Healing
From our energetic bodies, to our physiological and sub-atmoic form, Sound Healing has become a growing therapeutic field proven to enhance wellness and creativity. The spirit/soul within us beckons the use of vibrations of sound to tap into the hidden power of light deep within us and draw the manifestation of miracles into the world.


Shamanic Sound Healing Workshop
This workshop focuses on the historical, experiential and cognitive advancement of the fundamental principles of sound healing therapies. Khadijat will discuss esoteric Vedic/Yogic traditions, Tibetan Buddhism and indigenous cultures and how they use sound to heal. Learn intentional use of voice and both ancient and contemporary instruments to facilitate healing. Experience the healing power of singing bowls, bells, rattles, and tuning forks … and you are invited to bring any sound instruments you wish. This workshop includes hands-on practice techniques and will go over specific applications for both personal development and for use with professional therapy. Healing opportunities will be revealed via demonstrations and sound bath exercises.
  • Fundamental principles of sound healing
  • Exploration of the nature of authentic healing
  • Scientific research and contemporary sound therapies
  • Sound Bathing for balancing and clearing
  • The various uses of sound instruments
  • The use of sound healing in the ancient Vedic, Yogic, Tibetan and Native American practices
  • The power of intentional voice in contacting and working with non-ordinary reality
PRESENTED BY Khadijat Samadhi, LPC, NCC
Saturday August 11th 9:00AM to 5:30PM



August 2017


The Healing Power of Sound

Presented by Khadijat Samadhi, LPC, NCC

Saturday August 11th 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM



May 2017


Experience the Evolution ofHealing & Consciousness
May 18-22, 2017  |  San Antonio, Texas


March 2017

Research Paper Presentation and Lecture
International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology 2017
13th - 15th March 2017, Bangkok, Thailand


Research Paper: Examining the Effects of Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and
Biofeedback WinAuraStar Machine on Individuals Recovering from Alcohol and
Drug Abuse


February 2017


Shamanic Sound Healing

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