Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is a mindful healing approach that focuses on the body, mind, and spirit. No one part is considered more important than the other. Each influence the other, though. So, if one part experiences some distress, the other parts may suffer as well.


Nowadays, it is more common to hear about natural healthcare approaches, as people search for alternative ways to heal themselves when modern techniques alone don’t work for them. Because of this, holistic healing modalities have become more accepted.

Modern Science & Holistic Healing

In the past, many medical professionals and scientists compartmentalized the healing of physical ailments. Therefore,we treated only part of our being. For example, if a person can’t see, then he or she would see an eye doctor who may prescribe corrective glasses in order to restore vision. If a person had pain in their abdomen (appendix), then he or she would see a gastrointestinal physician (or perhaps, first a family doctor—may be even the emergency room). Then the appendix would be removed to cure the pain.


All of those are right and smart to do when there is an ailment within the body. However, correcting only the body’s physical problem so that our bodies function without pain should not be the only treatment we seek. We also need to address the mind and spirit for total healing. That’s where a holistic healing approach helps.


Holistic healing focuses on how our thoughts (the mind) and our spirit (soul or emotions) interfere with the body’s functioning.It examines what we are saying and feeling and how those thoughts and emotions affect thephysical functioning of the body. 

Holistic Modalities Used at KUADRA

There are several modalities that can be used for aiding the healing process of the body.One of the first used at KUADRA is intuitive counseling.


To use intuitive counseling, counselors must regularly work on and clear their own personal issues in order to be fully present with clients during a session. That enables practitioners to get in touch with their higher self. The higher self is thought to be a connection to God, The Universe, Creator, or another similar name.


At KUADRA, after listening to the client with an open, non-judgmental mind, the counselor listens to her own higher self for guidance in how to help the person. Think of it as listening to your “gut” or “heart” feelings orhaving a sense of “knowingness.” This helps the counselor help the client make connections or see problems in a new or different way than the client can in the midst of the personal struggle. 

Biofield Therapy: Reiki & EFT

Another modality used is biofield therapy. A biofield is the energy humans give off that both surrounds and is part of their body. It is their human aura.


Biofield therapy includes several touch healing modalities. KUADRA uses Reiki and emotional freedom techniques (EFT). EFT is a technique that involves finding an area of energy disruption (surfacing as a negative emotion such as guilt, anger, depression, grief, and fear) and applying a tapping technique at certain points on the body to balance the energy and remove the disruption. 


KUADRA also uses hypnosis. Hypnosis is a modality where the practitioner guides the client through deep breathing meditation exercises and then using various techniques (including sound) helps the client relax into a deeper theta trance state.

Then the practitioner uses words and word phrases focused on wellbeing and other topics specific to the client’s needs or situation. 

Sound Healing

Lastly, KUADRA counselors use sound healing. Sound healing is a form of holistic healing where the practitioner uses various instruments (such as singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, drums, and rain sticks) to create a sound vibration to help break up mind noise. This helps to relax and focus the mind during meditationin order to correct imbalances within the human biomagnetic energy field (or human aura).


These techniques along with talk therapy counseling help a client with various challenges they face in life, such as addiction, depression, and anxiety.


If you are looking to improve your mind, body, and spiritual health as a whole, Holistic healing may be right for you. Call our office to make an appointment today.

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