Become a Reiki Channel: Empowerment and Healing through Reiki

Khadijat Quadri is a Traditional Reiki Master and Independent Teacher of Reiki. She has over 10 years of experience practicing and teaching Reiki. Khadijat had her training under Dr. Lopita Nath who was inturn trained by  Guru Amita Singh from Ranchi, India and Mrs. Elie Changkakoty and Mrs. Reba Nath from Guwahati, India. She has had therapy sessions for people with various needs and has achieved remarkable success in helping people attain physical and mental wellbeing.


As Hawayo Takata, one of the famous Reiki Grandmasters who introduced Reiki to the west remarked: “Reiki is wisdom and truth”. The word reiki means Universal Life Energy. "Rei" describes the universal, boundless aspect of this energy while "Ki" is the vital life force energy that flows though all living beings. This power acts and lives in all created matter. Reiki helps to channelize this energy towards mind, body and spiritual healing and empowerment. Reiki works on the premise that there needs to be balance and harmony of the energy system for a healthy body and mind. Any imbalance at any point or part of your energy leads to tension and stress; that in turn can cause ailments. Reiki energy, when received or channelized, will help remove those blocks and bring the energy system into harmony and balance and a state of unity with the universe. This leads to healing, both physical and spiritual. During her 13 years of experience, Khadijat has encountered various instances where Reiki has changed people’s lives. Reiki does not require any dogma or belief in a particular faith.There are few restrictions to the practice of Reiki. The Usui system of natural Healing, in which Khadijat is trained is the most simple and effective way of healing and transferring this Universal energy. It is great to receive Reiki Therapy sessions, but it is wonderful to be able to become a channel and transfer Reiki energy. The Reiki I and II certification classes will help you become a channel.

The Reiki I class is a wonderful experience consisting of lectures, meditation sessions, learning self- healing, and attunement. The Reiki master is the only person who is trained to give attunement, (Please do not be misled by what is available on The attunement process is necessary to open the chakras and direct the flow of energy. The Reiki II class empowers the Reiki I student with symbols that can be used for powerful transfer of energy. The Reiki II class also teaches how to do distant healing and visual manifestation of anything that you want in life.


You don’t have to believe in Reiki for it to have a deep effect on you!


You don’t have to believe that fruit is delicious.


In order to enjoy it, you’ll have to take a bite first!


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