KUADRA Consulting Helps You to Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

When it comes to weight loss, we've heard it all!  In an attempt to lose weight, we've practiced all sorts of fad diets. Although these diets might have a noticeable affect on the body, once one goes back to eating  regularly the weight lost is regained along with some extra weight. The best chance for success is by  changing one’s lifestyle.


Research shows that hypnosis and mindfulness-based eating, also known as "mindful eating," are effective tools for long-term weight loss. Hypnotherapy involves entering a state of deeply focused attention and relaxation in which the client is highly motivated to listen to the suggestions of the hypnotherapist and to work on his or her presenting issues.

Hypnotherapy is also a state of learning. It helps one find and develop his or her inner resources and strengths. Research conducted has emphasized the benefits of hypnotherapy in increasing oxytocin, a  hormone that promotes trust and strengthens social interaction, while decreasing anxiety and fear, and reducing mood swings (Varga et al., 2014).


Mindful Eating

Mindful eating involves changing your perception of food and how you treat your body. It’s a new way of behaving and feeling in harmony with one’s natural body state and one’s surrounding environment. Mindful eating enables you to truly listen to your body’s internal signals and to understand the foods your body needs to lead a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that mindful eating improves self-esteem and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol (Green Mountain at Fox Run, 2014).

KUADRA Consulting and Counseling Services uses hypnotherapy used as a tool to reprogram your mind towards ‘mindful eating’ in order to achieve a healthy weight loss. It can help you lose the weight and keep it off for good by:

  • Helping you relax.
  • Increasing your self worth.
  • Increasing your motivation.
  • Teaching you mindful eating.
  • Helping you deal with your emotions.
  • Shrinking your appetite.


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