What Is Reiki Meditation?

Reiki meditation is a unique Japanese form of meditation that helps bring peace and healing to the mind (and emotions), body, and soul. Reiki is the Japanese word for “life energy.” This life energy flows through each of us. When it is flowing in abundance, we feel well. But when it’s blocked, we may feel stress and/or sickness.


The Reiki technique used most in the U.S.dates back to master Reiki instructor Mikao Usui (1865-1926). In 1922, he opened the first Reiki school in Tokyo, Japan, and from him Reiki was brought to the Western world through a Hawaiian born, Japanese-American, Hawayo Takata(1). 

Meditation & The Mind


The mind is powerful. It projects our beliefs and perceptions, which makes our lives appear the way they are.


Our emotions are a product of our thoughts. So, when we have anxiety or depression, it’s because of the thoughts. Meditation, though, is food for the mind. It helps us become self-aware and gives mental clarity about the thoughts causing our emotions.


Just as a computer needs to be shut down occasionally and rebooted to refresh, we too have to shut down our minds and reboot. That’s what meditation does. It is a reboot for the mind. 


Rumi (a 13th century mystic poet) said constant thinking causes the mind to decay.Meditation helps to control the mind and is a way of changing from within. That is what you do with Reiki or any kind of meditation, you change yourself from within. 

Why Do Reiki Meditation?

Reiki meditation helps to clear old, discordant energies—including the energies we pick up from other people when we resonate with them. Think for a moment when you say to someone, “I feel you” or “I understand what you’re going through.” That is a way we resonate with someone else, and during that time we pick up some of their energy—positive or negative.


Reiki helps to clear our negative energy, as well as any energy we’ve picked up from others. It also releases energetic attachments to others. It is like giving your aura (the energy within and surrounding you) a cleansing bath.

What Are Reiki Chakras?

Reiki works with the body’s chakras. The chakras are the spiritual centers of power within the body. There are seven of them: the root chakra (located at the base of the spine), the sacral (just below the belly button), the solar plex (stomach), heart, throat, third eye (area of the forehead just above the bridge of the nose), and crown (the top part of the head).


The chakras are related to the physical and emotional spirit of a person. If you’re experiencing some physical symptoms, such as anxiety or depression, then you might have an over- or under-active chakra. So, during a Reiki meditation session, the specialist would work to clear the chakras from the root to the crown, which helps to clear belief systems as well.


At KUADRA, before a Reiki meditation session and with the client’s permission, the Reiki specialist will do an aura reading using a WinAuraStar imaging machine. The machine is used to identify the chakras that need to be worked on and helped. All a person does is place his or her handon the biosensor plate (a little box with metal dots in the shape of a hand). The machine projects an image of the person’s aura along with a reading from each chakra. That helps the specialist know what areas need clearing. That way during a Reiki meditation session the specialist can tailor the meditation to help the person clear those areas and restore the energy. 

How Does Someone Become a Reiki Specialist?

Reiki is the art of energy. And, Reiki specialists attune to the multiple layers of this energy. They are trained to be the receiver and giver of paramatman light, which is said to be the highest light of God or the Universe. To do this, a Reiki specialist needs two specific things.


First, Reiki meditation specialists must ask themselves where their own energy is resonating. In other words, have they cleared their own negative energy? Since they are the receiver and giver of this special energy force, they must be self-aware and work on themselves to resolve their own personal issues and problems first.


Second, Reiki specialists must surrender to being radiators of this light. It is a special skill and gift to tune into such sacred energy. They become a doorway through which light is channeled and radiators of this great light energy.


Because of this, Reiki specialists need to understand who we are as children of source energy or God. This is a huge responsibility, as they are only as energetically powerful as they think they are. Reiki specialists must understand this power. They are co-creators with God and their function is to heal as God heals them. That’s their job in the physical realm. They are working with God, but they are also the same as other earthly humans. In essence, they are shoulder to shoulder with the Universe (or God) and in absolute belief and trust in that which we cannot see and from where all our souls came.


People looking to become a Reiki meditation specialist train for a long time and work on themselves and their own issues before they become a certified specialist.

Reiki Services at KUADRA

KUADRA provides Reiki meditation during counseling sessions. Along with talk therapy, Reiki may help a client with various challenges they face in life, such as addiction, depression, and anxiety. If you would like to have a Reiki meditation session, please let your counselor know at your next session or call the office to make an appointment. 


(1) Singg, S. (2009). Reiki: an alternative and complementary healing therapy. In C. M. Davis (Ed.), Complementary therapies in rehabilitation. New Jersey: SLACK, Inc.

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