Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is the most ancient of human healing and spiritual practices. It is a way of accessing the love, wisdom, compassion, and power of the spirit world in order to receive help for one's self or to serve others.


One of the central teachings of shamanism is that all of the world is alive and has a spirit, and that we are all connected to each other as a result of this.


Shamanic principles help me work directly with your mental, emotional and physical body and spirit essence to address the spiritual aspects of an illness. I conduct soul retrieval ceremonies and receive information about the past and future, help the spirits of deceased people to cross over, and perform ceremonies for the community.

From the shamanic perspective there are three common causes of illness. First, a person may have lost their power, and the shaman journeys to the spirit world to restore the lost power, such as in a power animal retrieval to restore the relationship to a helping animal spirit. Second, a person may lose a part of their soul essence due to extreme fright, grief, abuse, accidents, disaster, surgery or war, and the shaman journeys into the spirit world to track the lost soul piece and return it in a soul retrieval ceremony. Third, a person may take on harmful energies due to power or soul loss, resulting in localized illness or pain and the shaman extracts and removes the harmful energies and restores power to prevent them from returning.

Shamanic healing has been found to be very beneficial in treating many health issues, including all types of abuse, fatigue, chronic pain or illness, alcohol or drug dependency, and emotional or mental illness.


Shamanic counseling is used to teach a person to use the shamanic journey for personal problem-solving and for spiritual inspiration. It is also useful to help a person release self-limiting beliefs and assumption.


Globally, we are now at a critical juncture in the evolution of consciousness and human civilization where we are being asked to respond to the profound imbalances that our "success" as a species has created.  If we do not do so, we will be carried downstream by our ignorance and apathy. It is now a spiritual necessity that we move beyond the sense of separation as individuals, nations, races and religions and see these categorizations as past stages in our human evolution which no longer serve us. It is time to realize the deep truth that we are one with all life and would benefit from communing with each other and all that is through unconditional love and acceptance.

As a result of this necessity, there is a growing spiritual revolution of consciousness. In every culture we teach in, there seems to be a quickening of collective awakening to the truth that we are not separate from one another, or from any life on this planet. We are deeply interconnected.

Biologically, we all share the same DNA; we breathe the same air; we depend on the same Mother Earth to provide for us; the same oil fields power our cars and industries and the same sun warm us and gives life to our planet.


Psychologically, we share the same desires and fears; the same joys and sorrows; and the same need for unconditional love and acceptance; most profoundly, we share the same spiritual essence and source. We need to realize that we are one in body, mind and spirit. Separateness is an illusion.


When we allow the direct knowledge of our true nature and identity to dawn, we discover that we have the capacity to unconditionally love and accept our selves and each other, to be at peace and live in joy of our being amidst both the blessings and challenges of our lives. True happiness and fulfillment is now recognized as an essential quality of our innermost nature, not something that we need to acquire from the outside. Our ordinary life is then the context in which our realizations can deepen our capacity that allows its expression to mature.

When we are truly, unconditionally loving and accepting, we experience happiness regardless of what we get or do not get in life and thus the quality of our desiring and wanting is transformed. A shift happens where we recognize that our deepest desire is not merely to fulfill our personal desires, but rather live in unconditional love and acceptance, embody our authentic presence and expression, and offer our gifts to each other and the world.


Our center is dedicated to supporting this essential and profound shift where at the center of the experience we discover there is an ease of being and an inner expanse of boundless presence that is benevolent and wise. Here you find the capacity to unconditionally love and accept yourself and others so you can better respond to the needs of the whole from your higher self, from the depths of your silent wisdom, as the unique expression of truth that you are. You discover that you can trust the divine presence within you that is your center and source which you can also see in others. We invite people who are searching for a spiritual community, dedicated to their own spiritual awakening, growth and development, and to the peace and well-being of all things on this planet, for all things are living.


Some may have an existential longing to realize directly who they really are. This may be felt as a desire for unconditional love and acceptance, to experience freedom, grow in your spiritual knowledge or some other
essential longing. Sometimes this longing is accompanied by a sweet anticipation of its growth, but more often it is accompanied by fear, sorrow, and despair because one feels separate or somehow deficient or
incomplete and may even doubt if there is a way through their darkness to find their inner light.


Others we work with are already irrevocably awakened to the timeless truth of who they are. While patterns of suffering may persist in some parts of their life, unconditional love and acceptance, the bliss and peace of their true nature is recognized as the ever present ground of their spiritual path. For them what is often desired is support in their process of deepening and integrating their path. While the dawning of true insight and freedom marks the end of living with the chronic illusion of being alone, it is also the beginning of a process where unconditional love and acceptance blossoms within, where all aspects of our humanness are embraced and transformed in the light of an awakened body, mind and spirit.

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