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What clients are saying....

My daughter enjoys her visits each week

"My 10yo daughter was apprehensive about seeing

a counselor at first. We have been here for seven visits,

and she looks forward to her appointments each week.

She feels very comfortable in the office." -- C


Glad we found her
"Khadijat is very compassionate and extremely perceptive when it comes to couples counseling. She's a great listener, and has amazing recall. She is skilled at understanding a complex dynamic, and providing just the right common sense advice. She is patient, and wise. My wife and I are truly fortunate to have found her." – G


Khadijat has the gift of connecting

"Khadijat has the gift of connecting from the heart.  She leads you with profound questions to discover your inner truth.  She knows when to push, when to cheer and when to let you be." R


I can truly be myself

"Khadijat is someone I can truly be myself with. I feel so safe telling her what's going on with me. When I first started working with her, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety along with low self-esteem. Khadijat has a very gentle way of pointing out what my strengths are, when sometimes all I can see are my weaknesses. Because of Khadijat, my self-esteem has much improved, and my anxiety has lessened dramatically. Khadijat is a very positive woman. She has helped me to become the stronger, more capable individual that she has seen in me all along. I look forward to every session with Khadijat." -F



Thank-you Khadijat

"You are a wonderful person and therapist and you have helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. I truly appreciate your support and I look forward to seeing you again." – T


A wonderful thought provoking class

"A wonderful thought provoking class as we all struggle to "face the
storms of life". I will definitely implement the tools I learned in the
overcoming fears training." – B.L


Could really relate

"Could really relate to presentation. Liked how Khadijat related to fear
from birth." - L.L


Will help immensely

"What was presented at the training on overcoming fear will help
immensely to apply to my life." - D.O


Very inspiring 

"This was a very inspiring and helpful training because it breaks down
the fears we hide behind and haven't yet broken out of." - I.H


The therapy is a great tool of learning

"The therapy is a great tool of learning. I can definitely use the tools
I learned for my grandkids also. Thank-you for these sessions." - J.M


Excellent presentation! 

"Excellent presentation! Khadijat is a very knowledgeable speaker and her

speaking style is calm and easy to follow. She really knows how to make you
feel comfortable, calm and accepted. I will definitely use the techniques
she shared today." –A.A

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